Thursday, March 6, 2014



a tout le monde!

Yesterday and today have been 'walks'
I've been studying the horse and dog
walk and run with references...

Then I animated my first horse <3 font="">
It's a little stupid but yea,
check it out!



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sand Cakes . Les gâteaux de sable


I decided I'm gonna upload the pencil test
I worked on
these past December and January.

I took my third year film and made a scene I wasn't able to animate at that time..
*pity on my old self*
*pity on my current sel..hem hem*

The story is about 2 kids on the beach, making sand cakes
(not castle, cakes, CAKES )


The little girl is snobbish and proud of herself, but she actually sucks at making sand cakes...
The little boy that comes into the scene is 
instead humble but very talented.
He makes real cakes out of the bucket!


I leave you the cover page of the story
and the video 

:3 :3 <3 span="">

Thank you for reading!
Hope you'll like it...



Saturday, January 18, 2014



Hi everyone!
As someone of you know
or don't know,
or don't care,

I'm in Paris

While waiting to start my french classes
("je voudrais un cafe au lait")
I'm doing some drawings here and there
over there...

I went to a life drawing class today :B !
That a friend suggested me
I'm just gonna post some drawings,
it felt so good, i haven't gone to a class
for a month...:__:  ;_;

The last photo is with the short poses..
I was messing around with them...
A nice way to say they are SO SO..

ok :D !!

I took pics with my phone 
the quality sucks...



Monday, January 6, 2014



I haven't been able to update my blog...
Mostly because I didn't really have anything to show...!

~very bad~

I've been back to Italy for around 2 weeks
I have been cleaning up a pencil test that I'll 
eventually upload (once i'm done >.> )!!
And i'm fixing my portfolio as well...
I was playing around with some colors for 
the character Melany, that is in my old
portfolio too......
I came up with this, which I'll keep or
change, depends if I get a new idea for it..


That's it for now,

I'll post my animation when it'll be ready!!!

Ciao Ciao!!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Defining a style........


I'm here again posting STUFF!
Yesterday, in my life drawing class I tried a 
new experiment (which I should have tried loooong ago)

I used the model poses to rework some old poses of
my character Melany .
I basically drew Melany's volumes instead of drawing the model,
but using the same poses
! :3
Oh, I forgot to mention, I did it with watercolors!
I'm trying to define my style ..


Hope you like them!

I also did a realistic one
(i was waiting for the other page to dry lol)


Friday, November 22, 2013



I'm here again, writing and uploading
and drawing and yea,

I just came back from CTNX Burbank Animation Expo
which was really great.
I got feedback for my portfolio, my style, and comments
from Chris Sanders, Andreas Deja and many others :3
I'll definitely apply for a summer Internship in
California next year!
In the meanwhile, I'll keep working on my portfolio,
to make it better and try the Gobelins test in
the spring

I did some watercolors at Life Drawing Class..!
Here they are
I'll put some in pencil from last week too!

Hope you'll like them <3 i="">

oh yea, and a pic of Santa Monica's beach!

Thank Youuuu


Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hi world!

I hope everyone is doing well :>

I'm ready for a new post!

I have been actually ready for a while,
but I always forget to update it, or
I wait forever to have the perfect combinations of drawings
to post...
I have been working on my portfolio, 
specifically on my animal drawing part.
I'm still working on it, but I'm just gonna
post what I've got so far! (really??)
lol I don't know why but this post seems like a joke

Because I haven't posted anything lately, I'm gonna squeeze 2 posts in
1, here are both my realistic and my cartoonish-character designs drawings.
I worked on the character designs for the boar only.
I actually have some rabbits too somewhere... :3
I'll post them too eventually!

thanks for reading,
and for checking this out <3 b="">